Meet the Team

Mark Lutze - Assistant to the assistant Team Captain. 

Christian, husband, father of 4. My wife, Rubí and I have been married 4 years and live in Goldsboro, NC. I began playing disc golf a little over 6 years ago at a men’s retreat I was on with my church. It was an instant addiction. I’ve tried multiple discs from many manufacturers but have found the MVP/Axiom/Streamline brand of discs are the best fit for me. I’m looking forward to this, my third year with Tram Adopt Disc Golf and am excited to share the company’s mission and love for Christ to many new, and seasoned, disc golfers across eastern NC. 

In the bag:
Streamline Pilot 2x electron, 1x plasma, 1x neutron. 
Envy 1x plasma, 1x electron
Spin 1x electron
Elevation Koi 1x
Entropy 1x neutron
Neutron Pyro 1x 
Neutron Hex 1x
Neutron Paradox 1x
Neutron Uplink 1x
Plasma Servo 1x
Fission Tesla 1x
Neutron Inertia 1x
Neutron Relay 1x
Wave Neutron 1x, fission 1x
Neutron Insanity 1x
Neutron Crave 2x
Fission Photon 1x

Margaret Shumate


I grew up in the Charleston area and have been playing disc golf for about 3 years. I was originally introduced to disc golf by a group of friends I met through ultimate frisbee. Since playing in my first tournament in September of 2021, I have become even more passionate about the sport. Aside from disc golf, my other hobbies include Lindy Hop and playing the flute. I am excited for the 2022 disc golf season and all the memories and friendships it will bring! 

In the bag:

Z Glo Sparkle Undertaker

Z Mantis

2013 Ace Race Titanium Mantis

Test Flight Passion

2017 Ace Race Sting

Z Sting

Big Z Sting

Z Fly Dyed Zombee

Z Zombee

Z Glide

Z Archer

Proto Blend Fierce

Proto Blend Fierce



Brandon Scott Roberts -


My name is Brandon. I am 27 years old and have been married to my wonderful wife for 2.5 years. We live in the twin cities area and have 2 adorable munchkin cats. I've been a committed follower of Jesus since 2010. I have been an avid disc golfer since about 2016. Ever since then, I have been looking for more ways to glorify God in this hobby. One thing I have enjoyed doing is supporting Christian disc golf artists. When I found out about Adopt Disc Golf I wanted to get involved with their vision in supporting foster children and getting children interested in disc golf. I also love to compete and meet new people and travel to play new courses. I am really excited to be representing Adopt and be able to share the vision with people I meet on my disc golf journey this year.


In The Bag

I have a bunch of molds that I just got that I am not sure if they will make my bag or not yet so I will list my core bag and then the discs I am going to test out for a while.
Glow Praxis x2
rPro Pig x2
Eclipse 2.0 Envy
Neutron Paradox
Neutron Hex
Eclipse 2.0 Reactor
Prism Plasma Pyro
Plasma Inertia
Fission Photon x3(various levels of beat in)
Experimental discs:
Soft Neutron Envy
Electron Soft Envy
R2 Spin
Proton Deflector
Halo Tern
Fission Waves x3(different weights)

Nate Baker -

My name is Nate Baker.  I'm a husband to an amazing wife, father to 3 great kiddos, and a follower of Jesus.  I discovered Disc Golf 10 years ago, but never got into it.  Now that I can't keep up with 20 year old ultimate players, my brother-in-law convinced me to give the sport another try in mid 2019, and I haven't looked back since.  Disc Golf has become one of my main hobbies and I look forward to many years of slinging plastic.  My son has shown an interest in the sport and as he grows, I look forward to him surpassing me (sooner than later!) and to keep the sport growing into this next generation.

Because I'm a bit newer to the sport, my bag is ever evolving, whether it be pure MVP brands or with some Innova and TSA sprinkled in. 


That being said, here is my current in the bag for Spring 2022:

MVP Spin - r2 and electron plastics
TSA Praxis - Glow plastic
Streamline Pilot - Electron soft and Medium plastics
Innova Pig - rpro plastic
Axiom Hex - neutron plastic
MVP Reactor - neutron plastic
Axiom Pyro - prism plasma and prism proton plastics
Innova Roc - Champion plastic
Fairway Drivers
Axiom Crave - lightweight and max weight neutron plastics
MVP Relay - neutron plastic
MVP Volt - fission plastic
Distance Drivers
Axiom Insanity - plasma plastic
Axiom Fireball - neutron plastic
MVP Wave - fission plastic

Seth Fort

My Bio:

My name is Seth, PDGA 154371, I got into disc golf by relocating in 2020 to a town with a disc golf course a quarter mile from his house. While taking my family fishing to the public park, I noticed these poles with chains and groups of people throwing frisbees at them. After a bit of research, I ordered my first starter pack and the rest was history. In Dec 2020, I got my PDGA number and started competing in the 2021 year. Starting the year in MA4 and finishing with a rating of 834 and a 19th place in an MA1 league, I plan on continuing my growth into 2022. I am a disc golf coach with the Uplift Disc Golf Program at Central Baptist Church, and I’m working on bringing Disc Golf to the local high schools. Outside of disc golf, I am the head of projects at a Multi-Service Provider in Macon, GA, where I and the company donate IT work to local charities, such as Loaves and Fishes and Meals on Wheels. My wife Nakita and I have a 14 year old son, Jake, PDGA #189665 and our newborn Lilah, PDGA #189664.

My Bag:

CE Pilot – Putts

Eclipse Envy, Neutron Proxy, Neutron Entropy – Drive/Approach

Neutron Uplink, Neutron Hex, Eclipse Reactor, Neutron Deflector – Midrange

Neutron Resistor, Eclipse Volt – Fairway

Plasma Insanity, Fission Tesla, Proton Tesla, Neutron Flare – Slow Distance

Fission Wave, Neutron Wave, Fission Photon, Plasma Mayhem – Fast Distance

Dylan Griffes

My name is Dylan pdga# 153334 age 28 born and raised in Michigan started playing disc golf on and off bout 5years ago my cousin introduced me and getting serious about 3 years ago

In my bag 


     1. envy 


  1. Reactor 
  2. Matrix 
  3. Entropy 
  4. Deflector 

Fair way drivers 

  1. Crave x2 plasma 


  1. Fission photon x2
  2. Fission Wave 
  3. Fireball x2
  4. Flare 1x
  5. Octane 1x 
  6. Trace 2x

Zach Coleman

A short bio of myself,
My name is Zachary T. Coleman and I am 29 years old. I was born in Waynesboro, PA. I Joined the military in 2011 and have been in ever since. I am currently a Technical Sergeant and the Production Supervisor of Munitions Inspection of the 388th Munitions Squadron, Hill AFB. I am married to my wife Debra of almost 7 years and have two children. My son Isaac, 2 and my daughter Karalyn, 5 months. I love attending church with my family and growing and learning together. I enjoy most things outdoors…especially disc golf.
Me as a disc golfer,
My disc golf journey started in 2013 when my brother-in-laws introduced me to the sport. Since then I have participated in several tournaments and local leagues. My goal for 2022 is to help grow the sport and continue honing my skills in order to compete in the advanced division in 2023.


My bag,

   Atom - Proton 
   Proxy - Plasma 
   Envy - Proton 
   Pyro - Proton
   Reactor - not sure custom stamp (Flyer Series Spring Edition)
   Tangent - Proton
   Matrix - Not sure special edition 
   Hex - Neutron
   Tesla - Proton
   Volt - Proton
   Photon - not sure custom stamp (original Adopt Disc Golf logo)
   Octane - Proton
   Defy - Neutron
   Wrath - Neutron
   Mayhem - Neutron
   Fireball- Neutron 
   Insanity - Proton
   Crave - Neutron 

Tristan Goetz

Here is the short bio for me:
My name is Tristan Goetz and I am a child of God.  I also have many other titles that I fall underneath including Husband, Father and Veteran to name a few.  I currently work full-time from home as a Computer Programmer, and have worked in the past in the U.S. Navy as a Nuclear Electrician’s Mate on aircraft carriers.  I enjoy the color blue, and generally enjoy drinking Peach Fizz Celsius in lieu of coffee.  My favorite Pokémon is Eevee, and something that I have always wanted to do that I haven’t gotten the chance to do yet is sky-dive.

As a disc golfer, I really started playing in 2016 for fun and started competing in tournaments in 2019.  I have tied for 1st in Novice and just recently took solo 1st in Rec.  For the 2022 season, I will be playing in MA2 and I have a rating of 866 as of the end of 2021.  My personal goal for 2022 is to become 880 rated and compete in about 6 tournaments.  I have many goals for my disc golf community.  I am looking to install a course in my local area, run 3 tournaments in the county where I am residing, and start 3 disc stamp campaigns, including a Christian themed discs, an Emerging Artists discs, and a Military Veteran stamp and mini’s.

In the bag:

Putter: Firm Electron Envy

Putters and Approaches:
Firm Electron Envy
Medium Electron Proxy
Neutron Entropy
Electron Entropy

Prism Pyro
Neutron Hex
Neutron Uplink

Neutron Relay
Sarah Hokom Signature Crave
Neutron Resistor
Neutron Volt
Electron Volt

Neutron Virus
Proton Insanity
Neutron Fireball
Cosmic Neutron Photon
Sarah Hokom Signature Trace
Proton Mayhem
Neutron Tenacity

Kevin Lafferty

Short bio-

I'm 46 years old, have been playing for around 7 years, more competitive in the last few years. I have several top 5 finishes  including a gold and silver at the NC state games.

In the Bag -

Putters...proxy, Conrad nomad and envy

Mids...paradox, hex, theory
Driver's... flare, fireball, insanity, wave, trace