About Us

Thank you for choosing Adopt Disc Golf for your disc golf needs. We are a family run business out of North Carolina. We started in early 2018 with a mission to grow the sport of disc golf while supporting the foster and adoption community.  We are a family of five with two adopted sons and one daughter through IVF, with the hope of growing even more.  We love every minute on the course with our family and the kids love to hit the course with us.

With every custom disc you order from this website marked "Give Back," we are able to give a new stock disc to a child currently in foster care. With that disc, they are given information about the sport and encouraged to get out and go throw.  We hope to inspire children and families alike to try the sport.  Our mission is to give 1000 discs in 2021 to foster children in North Carolina.  We appreciate your support in getting us there!

For every other disc purchase, a portion of profit is donated to local agencies to support their efforts.